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Our Mission

Pineal Entertainment was founded in December 2016. The vision was simple: To create a premium viewership experience via Media at an affordable price that was unavailable in the market. From humble beginnings we have worked their way up and developed not only a range of unique videos but have begun branching out into different sectors to reach the ever increasing demand. Originally focusing solely on Sports Videos, we now have ventured into creating customised media content for Films, Music, Travel, Fashion, Corporate, Live Broadcasting, Education, Events, Lifestyle, Luxury and Weddings.


With the use of the latest technology and equipments from drones to editing programs,

at Pineal we ensure we are always a step ahead of the game. We use the most advanced cameras  and video equipments, editing tools, programs and continuously invest in sourcing the latest technology amongst numerous other software in a bid to deliver premium content consistently and keep our clients happy. 




After working for 6 years in the Sports Industry with a demonstrated history of experience in Operations Management, Event Management, Corporate Events and Broadcasting he started Pineal Entertainment back in 2016 with a vision of providing Media & Entertainment Services. Primarily focusing on providing services to the Sports Industry, within 3 years Pineal branch out to other various sectors like Fashion, Music Videos, Short Films, Corporate Events, Weddings, Lifestyle and many more. His ultimate goal was to set the company & the brand apart from the competitors. Shreepad built a young dynamic team with specific required skillset and expertises. His main objective behind having young mindsets was making the individuals realise their full potential and talents through creativity. This helped him build a reliable team which assures customer satisfaction across all sectors.

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